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The leader of a business can face countless obstacles if he or she wants to develop and grow. However, most of the time the daily challenges of the management of the company seems to be just enough to get done. There is often not enough experience, time or knowledge to attend to the extra tasks. In this case, it’s well worth it to involve a specialist to assist finding the most optimal solution.

Are you looking for more orders to fill in spare capacity?

Do you want to expand, so you’d like to outsource certain business functions?

Do you want to produce, grow, but lack orders to fulfil?

Do you want to start a subsidiary in another country?

Are you looking for international business relations?

Are you looking for a new business partner?

I understand the problems you might be facing with. As a former head of a subsidiary of a multinational company, I have gained a wealth of experience in dealing with such situations, and I have built excellent business relationships in many countries.

If you struggle with any of the above questions, you are at the right place!


I work as an intermediate: I find opportunities for your business, well-established companies, business people with whom you can establish meaningful, long-term relationships, whether it is operating in foreign or domestic market.


I take the time-consuming burden of market research and networking off your shoulders.


Time is money? Hell no! Time is even more valuable than money. I will save you the days spent exploring and travelling, using my existing network of contacts.

How do I work with my team at Organikon?

If you want to introduce a product / service to another country:

+ After the initial contact with us, we analyze the marketability of your product / service.

+ We examine the market of the target country(ies), where we conduct market research, seek out connection opportunities, then develop the strategy and steps of entering the chosen market.

If you are looking for new business customers:

+ We would discuss your current capacity and goals in detail, and once we get to know your product / service, we would start the search through our network of contacts to find the most suitable business partner for you.

+ Our foreign relations also mobilize their resources: they find their own partners and connect them with potential business customers.

The key reason that enables us to help you to build a sustainable and fruitful business partnerships is our 10+ years of experience and our extensive network of contacts in many countries around the world. Take the opportunity!

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Aniko Fekete
founder, managing director

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